About the Salisbury Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists

Do you see wisdom in most religions and philosophies?
Do you believe we need to find some sort of spirituality to lead a complete life?
Do you think that everyone should make up their own minds about what they believe?
Do you see life in all forms as being connected in some way?

If your answers are mainly YES you might feel at home with the Salisbury Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists. We find inspiration from a wide variety of sources and from sharing our hopes and fears. We try to face the ultimate questions in an open and caring fellowship, free from dogmas, under the wide umbrella of the Unitarian movement.
Our meetings draw from the literature of the world faiths, the discoveries of science, the writings of philosophers, music and poetry.

We meet in Salisbury, mostly on the third Sunday of the month, at 6:30 p.m.

How to contact us - to check times and location of meetings and obtain more information
Kay Davidge e-mail: davidge_99@yahoo.com;
Jo Simmons: e-mail: malcolm@jomalc.co.uk, 'phone 01722 33 51 99
Brenda and John Knopf 'phone 02380 55 53 33
Other Web sites: Unitarian movement in the UK and Flame Ring and
International Council of Unitarian and Universalists
Also Photos from our album: , Last News Letter , Notes of past meetings and Meditation in Salisbury